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Hmm. I wasn’t sure, but I’ve lost 8lbs since Feb. 25.

Not too shabby considering everything going on and bad eating.

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Just one of those nights where I think to myself “PCOS can go to Hell.”


I’m trying to research stuff to start getting healthy again. To feel better. To feel… SOMETHING. The more I read, the more pissed off I get. 

Everything that is wrong with me is because of one thing… PCOS.

I’ve never been skinny or even average. I was thicker than everyone, but I was athletic and fast for my size. I could walk forever and quick, too. My eating habits were not great and slightly bigger than the average person, but never to the extent I’m at now.

I have gained so much weight that I’m afraid I’ll never recover from it (I know it’s possible, but it’s a pretty daunting number to see on the scale). If all I had to think about was my weight and portion control, maybe I wouldn’t be so mad. It’s the sheer amount of impact it has taken on the rest of my body and mind. 

Weight gain, "Dirty Skin", skin tags, skin discoloration, acne, oily skin, anxiety, depression, thinned out hair, dandruff, Excessive body and facial hair, abnormal menstrual cycles, increased appetite and cravings, hearing affected, sweating (stinkier than most), sleep apnea,and increased libido (not a problem usually, unless your body is basically making you more “unattractive”).

We’re not even gonna go into the future problems (such as increased cancer risks) or the infertility side of this condition mainly because I’m not currently trying to conceive (but I want to in the future).

That’s all I could think of off the top of my head. When I look in the mirror nowadays, I don’t even recognize myself. My face has changed so much; my body shape isn’t remotely close to what it was before. I don’t want you think I’m putting all the blame on PCOS, of course I am responsible for part of this.

I just wish I could find what works for me without having to wait months or even years for the “right combination” of medicines, herbs, vitamins, and diets. I don’t have that kind of money; I can barely go grocery shopping.

This was longer than I was expecting to type, but I needed to vent a little bit. If anyone has any advice for treating PCOS, by all means you are welcome to give your two cents. I don’t need exercise or portion control tips as I know what to do, just haven’t implemented it yet. I’ll continue searching for articles and kicking myself for wasting so much time and letting myself go. I hope now that I have more time to pay attention to myself I can learn to live again.

My grandpa passed away.

That’s basically why I haven’t been on. He was essentially my dad and I was super close to him. I was with him to the very last heartbeat. I can’t say when I’ll be back on, but in between moving, funeral things, and school… well probably not for another week. Hope you all are doing well and I will be back soon.

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This bitch is doing a presentation on obesity in my business class (had nothing to do with our current lessons). She dared to keep staring at me while explaining how to change habits and how people sleep all day or eat too much. This girl is no skinny minnie herself. There are other big people in my class, but I’m assuming I’m the biggest since she wouldn’t look at anyone else when talking about laziness.

Her presentation was so inaccurate and she was giving advice to one woman about weight loss surgery saying which is best (she’s going for medical office specialist. You don’t know her medical history! you think Clorox is hand sanitizer. stfu the woman has her doctor).  Ughhhh. And because she was looking at me, several other classmates would look at me and they insisted all fat people(including those who had kids) are lazy and had no excuse 

URGH. Sorry, they just pissed me off. They aren’t the sharpest tools in the shed and just hearing them was irritating me.

I think I’m going to do Ripped In 30 today. I would do it right now, but everyone is asleep and I know I’ll be huffing and puffing and wake them up. I am all stuffy and watery-eyed from being sick so I look all

+ Ughhhhh. It’s taking everything in me to not insult myself right now. This is what I’m at currently. Accountability mannnn. I’m wearing my school polo and hopefully I’ll need to trade it in or something in a couple of months @_@ 

Ughhhhh. It’s taking everything in me to not insult myself right now. This is what I’m at currently. Accountability mannnn. I’m wearing my school polo and hopefully I’ll need to trade it in or something in a couple of months @_@ 

I’m going to try and start updating a lot more.

I’m planning/thinking up/writing out all my goals for this year. I almost felt like I was so behind, but we’re only 8 days into the year. :breathes:

I’ll also be uploading a recent pic of me so I have something to look back on. Been working on my “motivation wall” as well but tend to get distracted and forget. Ha. Ha. Waaaaaa.

I’ve gotta learn how to take of myself even when everything isn’t going as planned. 2014 is a big year for me and hopefully it’ll be amazing >:)

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I need your help!

If you all could reblog my last post about my family I’d really appreciate it. This is the reason I haven’t been active as much on here. Thank you.

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Okay… here we go.

Hey all, my name is Kristin Pinkston and I need your help. My family is going through one of the worst patches of our life.  My mom, aunt and grandfather are all disabled and living on a fixed income. While I could elaborate everything on here, let’s just say we’ve never had it easy (you can read the story on here).

My grandpa has always been the dad I hardly had. We’ve been practically inseparable since I was brought home from the hospital. He’s one of most interesting men you could meet and my life right now revolves around him. He’s 85 years old with stroke-induced dementia, among other things. I care for him, along with my mom and aunt, 24 hours a day/7 days a week. I don’t have much of a “social” life anymore, and my family can’t do much because he is bedridden in a hospital bed.

We lived in horrible conditions up until August of this year. That house was unlivable and we made one of the best/worst decisions we could at the time. We could only find one house to rent. It’s a beautiful house compared to where we were at and, luckily, they were blessed with understanding landlords. The house was just affordable enough, but since this was an emergency move we didn’t have a choice when facing extra costs of deposits and unexpected events.

We finally have a comfortable and peaceful environment for my grandpa, BUT we are now way behind on bills and utilities. I’ve applied for loans. They’ve applied for loans. We got denied on most of them. The small loans we first got to help with the move are now drowning us too. We went to get help with utilities, food, anything. Our church doesn’t help anyone anymore and others around here only have a food bank once a month (if you live within a certain area). The state says they make too much money ($50 isn’t that much more, damn you Texas).

I’ve done everything I can think of to help them, including giving up 4 entire months of paychecks. We are drowning. This is my last resort. We have never asked for anything more than a break from the stress of poverty. If you’d be so kind as to read the story, I’d be really grateful. If you cannot donate, I completely understand and thank you for your time.  Please share and hopefully this will help my family. 

Kristin P.

Help The Huizar Family - GoFundMe

+ It’s like it knew that I was taking before pictures so I can start everything up again.

It’s like it knew that I was taking before pictures so I can start everything up again.